Actually I Can


‘Actually I Can’ follows the inspiring journey of Charlie, a young wheelchair user, as he overcomes societal misconceptions and his own lack of self-belief to find a renewed sense of purpose through volunteering. Leonard Cheshire asked us to make a film that captured the spirit of their #ActuallyICan campaign because they needed a collaborative, empathetic approach to showcasing their services. The film received overwhelmingly positive responses, earning over 250,000 views across social channels and successfully driving volunteer sign-ups. It was awarded Gold for Best Brand Communication at the EVCOM Clarion Awards and Bronze for Best Production in the Creativepool Annual 2020.



Commercial - Charity


Production Designer/Art Director


Danny Baldwin

Produced By

3AngryMen, Leonard Cheshire

Production Designer

Laura D'Asta

Art Director

Laura D'Asta

Comissioned By

Leonard Cheshire - Patron Her Majesty The Queen