Michael Kiwanuka – One More Night


Nez's excellent new video for Michael Kiwanuka is all about a community standing tall. Opening with a some incredibly tight letterboxing, the audience is given a minimal amount of visual information - just a guy on a street who starts to dance. The perspective seems a bit strange, and it's not until that letterboxed image opens up some that you can fully understand why. A dizzying camera swoops around the dancer as his neighbours watch on before he's joined by somebody else. The video manages to be massively fun and carefree whilst delivering important visuals about community togetherness. NEZ: "We wanted to create a music video that was both entertaining and evocative. We collaborated with the Brooklyn Jumbies to create choreography / a story of optimism and togetherness of a community, rising up and standing tall."



Production Designer



Produced By

Pulse Films – Rik Green

Production Designer

Alexandra Green


Brooklyn Jumbies

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