Marco Lusini: The Colours Of The Human Soul

Marco Lusini: The Colours of the Human Soul is in memory of Italian artist Marco Lusini who is Laura’s artistic father.

The fine art exhibition is part of the interdisciplinary international project which Laura is currently developing/curating/directing/producing.

This is a journey through the curators’ memories and into the artworks of a painter described as an ‘astronaut of inner space, a soul landscaper‘ (Riccardo Belloni) for his astonishing ability to capture the connection between mankind and the environment in his oeuvre.

The first exhibition on the artist of its kind took place at Fiumano Fine Art Gallery and West Valley Art Museum. It was supported by The British Italian Society, West Valley Art Museum (USA), the Italian Chamber of Commerce, the Eaton Fund, the Italian London Community and Educckate (University of College London). Marco Lusini: The Colours of the Human was also selected to be part of the 1st Worldwide Apartment Biennale-Be My Guest.

Very Special Thanks to: Salvatore & Fiammetta D’Asta, Adriano Brocchi, Gerhard Gruitrooy, Flavio Favi, Luciano Belli, Luciana Gepponi, Angela Tranfa, Marco Barion, Mirian Uyarra Hernandez, Carmen Cortes Martin, Liam Moore, Edwin Mingard and Vivi Stamatos.


The Huffington Post – UK: Marco Lusini and the Post-War Italian artists by Lorenzo Belenguer

FAD Magazine: The Italian Post-War Artist Marco Lusini exhibiting during Frieze Week


Marco Lusini on Encyclopedia Treccani (Italian only).


Marco Lusini’s painting from the Lovers series features in the British pop-electric duo Honne’s promo – All in the value, director Geej Ower, Greatcoat Films.

For further info about the artist and his work, please contact Laura.

© 2018 Estate of Marco Lusini, courtesy of Massimo Lusini. All rights reserved.

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