Marco Lusini: The Colours Of The Human Soul


Marco Lusini: The Colours of the Human Soul is in memory of Italian Post-War painter, fotographer, sculptor and poet Marco Lusini who I consider to be my artistic father. The fine art retrospective firstly realised in London (2015) was the first major art event part of the international art hybrid project I've been developing for few years. This is a journey through the curators' memories and into the painter's artworks described as 'astronaut f the inner space, a soul landscaper' (Riccardo Belloni) for his astonishing ability to capture the connection between humankind. The first exhibition took place in the UK and the USA, respectively at Fiumano Art Gallery and West Valley Art Museum. A short show was also selected at the 1st Worldwide Apartment Biennale-Be my Guest during Frieze Art Fair (London 2016). Very Special thanks to: Salvatore & Fiammetta D'Asta, Adriano Brocchi, Gerhard Gruitrooy, Flavio Favi, Luciano Belli, Luciana Gepponi, Angela Tranfa, Marco Barion, Carmen Cortes Martin, Mirian Uyarra Hernandez, Esther Siddiquie and Vivi Stamatos.



Curator / Filmmaker / Producer

Produced By

Laura D'Asta

Supported By

The British-Italian Society, West Valley Art Museum (USA), The Italian Chamber of Commerce, The Eaton Fund, The Italian London Community , Educckate-University College of London.