Colours of Soul


A silhouette emerges inhabiting oneiric landscapes. Colours of Soul (UK/IT/Germany/Norway 2021) is an experimental/abstract dance art film, (partly animation, partly live action) inspired by Post-War Italian artist Marco Lusini’s oeuvre. There were no traces left, and so one day I decided to create them and embark myself in a personal and professional journey which I capture through an international art hybrid project. This film is a segment of it where I start exploring and raising questions about the relationship between the 'Oneiric Landscapes' (name of the paintings collection) and the mysterious silhouette (another Lusini's collection is entitled 'Mysterious Figures'). This also in line with Lusini's exploration of the identity concept as well as the human- environment/nature relationship. Who will this silhouette be: myself or the audience, or both? One of the reasons why I chose the dance-film artform here is also to delve into the landscapes-body movement-colours relationship. For the occasion, I've collaborated with Esther Siddiquie (dancer/co-writer), Henrikke S.Boger (editor/SFX) both alumnae NYU Tisch School of Arts-MFA in Dance and Technology, musician/composer Grégoire Simon with his SUGAR, Dream-Band, camera artist Vivi Stamatos.


Experimental screendance, video-dance, art-film, video-art


Director, Producer

Produced By

Laura D'Asta


Laura D'Asta & Esther Siddiquie


Esther Siddiquie


Space Night by SUGAR, Dream-Band


Vivi Stamatos

Editor & Special Effects

Henrikke S.Bogger